Sneaky Credit Tactics Currently Hurting You

As consumers we work hard to make sure that our credit is in good condition and that the services we invest in really help us. As times change, hackers are beginning to try and find new ways to obtain our information and debt collectors are looking for new ways to hunt down offenders. So with all of these changes, how do we know that we are not being taken advantage of? This article will look at some of the sneaky tactics that are being used in order to get to you or your credit information.

By understanding these tricks you will be better equipped to protect , you were a little down on your luck and had a little bit of trouble paying your bills. Does this sound like you? Well, my guess is that you now have debt collectors calling you trying to get a hold of you. They will call whenever they want and can get pretty annoying. In some extreme cases they may even try to stop by where you live. Well now there is a new way for them to contact you and that is through social media. Though some states have laws against what debt collectors can say or do on your pages, not all states are covered. However, if you ever feel threatened or that your privacy has been invaded then there are ways for you to contest them.

Now, what if you have paid your debt back and want to get your credit back on track? Or, you may have had your identity stolen and need help with monitoring. Most bureaus will offer you services that will track and monitor your credit for you. These services will usually come with a price. Unfortunately, it seems that the bureaus may be taking advantage of your situation and are now up selling their products. Though it is wise to go through one of the three major bureaus for these services, do your research and make sure that you are getting a fair price.While you are doing your research, be cautious to not just sign up for the first monitoring service that pops up.

Criminals are now using these sites to gain your information and steal your identity. It appears that your credit ranking will determine how much these hackers are getting for your information. So this means that those of us who have better credit run a greater risk of having our identity stolen. Essentially, the hackers want you. Since this problem is relatively new, there are not any official ways to help you. However one way that might help you protect yourself is by putting a freeze on your report.

All of these tactics make it hard to believe that our credit and debt can be used against us. Make sure you understand your credit score and everything that goes into making sure you have a good one. If you do get your yearly reports make sure that there are no discrepancies. If there are issues, petition them immediately. Though you cannot guarantee that you will be perfectly safe, by knowing where your credit stands, you will notice any changes.